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Meet the farmers in OCA's Farm Programme

Farmers First

At OCA we support farmers from seed to sale. Our direct-to farmer sourcing model supports farmers with training and prioritises their prosperity by creating a secure market for farmers to sell their organic cottonseed, advocating for better prices for organic cotton, and creating visibility at the source of organic fibre. Through our Farm Programme and our Implementing Partners on the ground, we work directly with in-conversion and organic cotton farmers.

Meet OCA’s Farmers

    • Farmer Story 1

    Meet Chandra

    Organic cotton farmer Chandra based in Bandhapari, Odisha talks to us about the complex factors in crop rotation.


    • Farmer Story 2

    Meet Likha

    Likha, a 54-year-old farmer living in Binjwarya Choraha village, Rajasthan shares his story on soil improvement after switching to organic.


    • Farmer Story 3

    Meet Prahlad

    Prahlad was convinced to switch and subsequently expand his organic farming methods due to low costs and stronger finances compared top conventional ways.
    • Farmer Story 4

    Meet Chandaram

    Chandraram is a 42-year-old farmer in based in Maliyo Ki Dhani village, Rajasthan who tells us of the positive impact of organic cultivation, especially on his family’s health and wellbeing.



    • Farmer Story 5

    Meet Kerli

    In-conversion cotton farmer Kerli, from Awali village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is in her first year after making the decision to switch to organic from conventional. In her story she shares her journey to organic, the impact of lower costs and the positive impact on her family’s health.




    • Farmer Story 6

    Meet Dipak

    Dipak from Kutki village, Maharashtra who recently changed from conventional to organic cotton growing tells us the reasons he made the switch.

    • Farmer Story 7

    Meet Tarsila

    Tarsila is a 60-year-old female organic farmer based in the Mohancot village of Madhya Pradesh, who shares her story with us about the impact of organic on health.
    • Farmer Story 8

    Meet Sanjay

    Established cotton farmer, Sanjay shares his story on how switching to organic cultivation has helped him develop financial stability.


    • Farmer Story 9

    Meet Narsingh

    For three decades, tribal farmer Narsingh Bharmne grew cotton using conventional methods, in his story he tells us why converting to organic methods made such a difference.


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