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We are on a mission to unleash organic cotton’s full potential for positive impact – from field to fashion. By uniting the sector, we can challenge ‘business as usual’, increase global organic cotton supply, empower organic cotton farmers and provide a roadmap for systemic change.

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Who we are

Organic Cotton Accelerator is a multi-stakeholder organisation advancing farmer prosperity whilst creating a transparent, resilient, and responsible organic cotton supply chain.

Enabling collaborative action

Our group of industry partners reflects the global supply chain that we represent. And that’s important; because our industry showcases the power of multiplicity – it’s multicultural, multinational and multilingual. We have a responsibility to ensure that our organisation and Contributors continue to feature a diversity of stakeholders to give voice to every actor in this sector.

Governance that accelerates change

Our governance keeps us accountable. It ensures that OCA, as a multi-stakeholder initiative, is inclusive, effective and fit-for-purpose. It also makes sure that we’re shifting the sector from individual action to collective investment – scaling the cultivation, use and integrity of organic cotton, with farmers getting paid more for their efforts.

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Why we exist

Since our establishment in 2016, with founding partners Laudes Foundation, H&M, Kering, Eileen Fisher, Textile Exchange, Tchibo, Inditex, and C&A, OCA has committed to convening the sector around a common agenda and using our platform’s collective investments to act as a catalyst for change. 

Our Vision

We believe in a future where we have fully realised the Organic Cotton Effect – organic cotton’s powerful and positive impact on people, planet, and prosperity.

Our Mission

OCA unites the sector to unleash organic cotton’s potential for positive impact, from field to fashion, for people and the planet.

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What we do

Our Theory of Change model defines what we want to achieve and the action we’re taking to take to get us there. It clearly defines our strategic priorities and how we’re accelerating change through our partnerships, our Programmes, research and development, and continuous improvement. It also highlights the pivotal role our Contributors play in supporting the adoption of organic practices, improving resource access, and providing stable demand for organic cotton. 

organic cotton accelerator

Our building blocks

These key beliefs form the cornerstones of our strategic direction:
  • We believe in the life-changing effect of organic cotton.
  • We believe organic cotton is the catalyst for a truly sustainable textiles sector.
  • We understand the challenges of switching to / sticking with organic cotton.
  • We believe in being honest about these challenges so we learn and adapt together.
  • We believe farmers have the right to grow organic cotton and everyone has the right to buy it.
  • We believe change isn’t happening fast enough. This is our last chance to create a sector fit for tomorrow.
We’re looking for partners to help us unleash the potential of organic cotton.


organic cotton accelerator


Supporting and accelerating the adoption of organic cotton contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals in numerous ways:

  • 1 – No Poverty: higher farmer income / income diversification
  • 2 – Zero Hunger: sustainable farming systems / crop diversification
  • 3 – Good Health and Well-Being: less exposure to toxic chemicals / safe working practices
  • 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation: less water used than for conventional cotton
  • 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: seed innovation / farmer education
  • 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production: educate in-conversion / reduce & reuse waste / disseminate best practices and available technologies
  • 15 – Life on Land: Safeguard biodiversity / regeneration practices / ensure long-term sustainability
  • 17 – Partnerships for the Goals: farm to brand partnerships / data & transparency / third party verification of payments and farmer benefits

What are the SDGs?

How we help achieve them

Our Platform was founded to facilitate the collaboration that is needed to deliver large-scale impact throughout the entire value chain. Our Programmes deliver the key solutions required for the organic cotton sector to flourish.

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