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Organic Cotton Accelerator unites the sector to unleash the full potential of organic cotton for people and the planet.

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Annual Report 2023

The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) released its 2023 Annual Report, showcasing a year of notable progress and expansion in supporting farmers transitioning to and sustaining organic cotton production. The report features OCA’s commitment to creating a sustainable and resilient organic cotton supply chain.

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Our vision for organic cotton

Everyone has a role in advancing the organic cotton agenda, creating little ripples that have wide-reaching impacts. Farmers are where transformative action starts. With support from Implementing Partners, farmers use organic and regenerative practices which contribute to their community’s flourishing and their land remaining fertile for generations to come. Brands and donors are a catalyst for this change, providing the support and the demand needed to make organic cotton production viable. At OCA, we’re turning these ripples into waves of change that enable sustainable prosperity for everyone. This is the Organic Cotton Effect. We are committed to realising this transformation and are calling on the sector – to help us make our vision a reality.

Our lasting impact

Before OCA was established in 2016, the organic cotton sector was fragmented. There was no common vision to scale organic and make organic cotton farming pay. Since then, OCA has united the sector to unleash the Organic Cotton Effect. We are demonstrating the numerous benefits of organic cotton farming, from the improved livelihoods of farming communities to the protection of our ecosystems.

A clear business case for farmers

The reinvention of the organic cotton supply chain depends on farmers feeling confident that their livelihood will be protected. OCA Contributors make purchase commitments against a better price early in the season. This gives farmers a much-needed sense of security.

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Sharing the risk and the rewards

Farmers face pressure from high input costs and volatile markets. OCA promotes regenerative organic agriculture and guarantees demand and better prices for their cotton. We offer farmers a sustainable route to safeguarding their livelihoods for the future.

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Supporting farmers to switch

We want organic to be a simpler choice. Through our Implementing Partners, we offer farmers training and assistance so they feel confident in new practices. Farmers also receive access to non-GMO seed and other bio-inputs to support their switch to organic agriculture.

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Measuring impacts at the farm level

We invest in data tracking and verification processes to monitor environmental and social benefits at the farm level. This ensures that cultivating organic cotton in our Farm Programme has measurable benefits for farmers and positive impacts for the land too.

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How we’re growing the organic cotton movement

We believe in the transformative power of organic cotton. That’s why our Platform was founded – to facilitate the collaboration needed to deliver meaningful impact throughout the entire value chain. Our Programmes are key tools to deliver the critical solutions required for the organic cotton sector to flourish.

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  • Enabling collaborative action

    We unite the organisations that champion, grow, supply, and buy organic cotton. They’re shifting from individual action to collective investment, developing a more transparent, resilient and responsible supply chain – with successful farmers and a planet protected for the future.

    OCA Platform
  • Prioritising farmer prosperity

    Our direct-to farmer sourcing model supports farmers with training and prioritises their prosperity by creating a secure market for farmers to sell their organic cottonseed, advocating for better prices for organic cotton, and creating visibility at the source of organic fibre.

    Farm Programme
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  • Spotlight on seed

    Scaling up organic cotton farming cannot happen without improving the availability, accessibility and genetic diversity of non-GM cottonseed for organic cotton farmers. We’re working on boosting the global development and production of locally adapted organic cottonseed.

    Seed Programme
  • Investing in innovation

    We are investing in research, industry standards and traceability innovations to enable a healthy and resilient organic cotton sector. These new tools will help manage product integrity and leverage best practices so organic agriculture can be truly regenerative at farm-level.

    Innovation Programme

Our Contributors

OCA Contributors are committed to OCA’s mission and share our belief in the Organic Cotton Effect, the positive impact that organic cotton can have on people, planet, and prosperity. Through their actions and investments, OCA Contributors are the driving force behind the change we want to see in this world.

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By 2030, we aim to achieve a transparent, responsible, and resilient organic cotton supply chain that promotes farmer prosperity and advances shared sustainability goals. The way forward is clear, but we cannot do it alone. Realising our vision requires a united sector. Join us in our mission to deliver positive change to farmers, brands, and customers who want to know their purchases are backing a fair and sustainable industry.