Why Organic Cotton?
Organic cotton is a powerful tool for transforming farming communities. It provides a route to improved livelihoods and income for farmers while promoting practices that safeguard the earth. Simply put, it’s better for people and planet.


What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton grown in agricultural systems that work with nature, rather than against it. By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and GMO seeds, organic cotton offers an alternative model for more sustainable, regenerative cotton production which supports both farmers and the environment.

Organic farming systems have the potential to sustain and promote the health of soils, ecosystems, and people by relying on ecological processes, biodiversity, and cycles that are adapted to local conditions rather than using external inputs that could have adverse effects.

Why is organic cotton important?

Organic production brings financial benefits for farmers as they receive higher market prices for their cotton, while also bringing positive impacts to their lands. It can also be part of the solution to the threat of climate change, through its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, store away huge amounts of carbon, and enable farmers to be resilient in an evolving climate. Currently, organic cotton accounts for 1.4% of total global cotton production – we want to scale that number by supporting farmers in sticking with or switching to organic cotton farming.


Transforming the lives of cotton farmers

Through our Farm Programme, organic cotton farmers receive an improved income through premium payments and guaranteed orders. We help cotton farmers convert to organic because we believe it’s important that farmers are compensated for their efforts and for safeguarding the earth’s resources.

Restoring our ecosystems

Organic farming is a holistic agricultural production system that works with, rather than against, natural ecosystems. Its production typically saves water waste and supports greater soil health and biodiversity. Organic cotton has the potential to mitigate global warming and ensures fertile soil and land for future generations.

The roadmap to change

OCA unites brands and retailers, suppliers and farmers around a common mission. Together, we challenge ‘business as usual’, increase global organic cotton supply and provide a roadmap for systemic change that benefits farmers. We empower our all our Contributors and Partners to contribute to reinventing the cotton industry for good.


The Organic Cotton Effect

At OCA, we believe organic cotton is the catalyst for a truly sustainable textiles sector. We envision a future where, every time a farmer switches to organic cotton, there is a ripple effect of positivity; farmers earn more and their land and soils are fertile for future generations, protecting our planet. We call this the Organic Cotton Effect. As an accelerator, we want to get to this future, faster.

Questions about organic cotton