Farmer Stories Niazim

Niazim’s journey to organic cotton cultivation

Niazim comes from a long line of proud cotton farmers. Unfortunately, Niazim and his family have faced substantial setbacks in cotton production in the past. These setbacks, combined with the exorbitant expenses associated with cotton production, such as land preparation, land levelling, water management, and the complexities of managing cotton pests, had significantly dampened his enthusiasm to continue pursuing cotton farming.

Fortunately, Niazim wasn’t ready to give up on cotton just yet; after all, it had always been his family’s legacy. Our implementing partner in Pakistan was able to pick up Niazim’s interest and introduced him to organic cotton production. Under its guidance, Niazim embarked on a journey of organic cotton learning and capacity-building. He delved into topics such as land preparation, seed soil testing, pest control, and effective problem-solving methods for organic cotton crops.

However, what truly made the difference for Niazim was the close-knit support network provided by the organic cotton program. This network of fellow farmers and advisory experts played a pivotal role in helping Niazim overcome his cotton farming challenges. Field trainers closely monitored his organic cotton crops, ensuring their health and vitality, while field facilitators introduced him to organic techniques and approaches. The spirit of teamwork was the key to Niazim’s improved results.

I am very satisfied with the results and working as a beneficiary under OCA’s organic cotton project. Entering the project was really a game changer for me, as it allowed me to increase my income substantially

Organic impact on Niazim’s cotton cultivation

With the support and guidance of advisory services, Niazim adopted scientific methods advocated by the program’s field experts for organic cotton cultivation, successfully reducing his operational costs. To prepare his land for cotton, he efficiently employed a land leveller. Once the cotton was planted, he carefully managed water usage in accordance with the suggested requirements for organic production and strategically planted millet around his fields to attract birds that naturally preyed on harmful insects. Niazim takes great pride in noting that this innovative approach led to a remarkable 40% reduction in weed growth, subsequently decreasing the demand for water and nutrients in his cotton cultivation.

I would like to thank the farming program for its valuable workshops, training, and capacity-building sessions. Learning about the latest research-based knowledge on organic cotton crops has been truly enlightening. I am happy and satisfied with all the support offered by the program to small and medium farmers, helping us build a strong foundation for Pakistan’s economy.

Creating the conditions for organic cotton to thrive

Cotton holds major economic significance, as its cultivation provides income for over 250 million people worldwide and employs nearly 7% of the labor force in developing countries. Yet, organic cotton still accounts for less than 1% of total global cotton production. OCA has always focused on creating the conditions for organic cotton to thrive – by putting farmers first. Through the OCA Farm Programme, we’ve been helping farmers navigate their everyday challenges, improve their livelihoods and increase the supply of organic cotton. Niazim’s story is just one of many, discover more inspiring stories from our dedicated farmers!


Since 2021, our crucial engagement in Pakistan has been strengthening OCA’s mission of creating a more sustainable and transparent cotton supply chain by placing farmers’ livelihoods and working conditions first. Join us and support our programmes to drive the next generation of organic cotton supply. Let’s unleash the potential of organic cotton together!