What We Do
We’re creating a transparent, responsible, and resilient organic cotton supply chain that promotes farmer prosperity and advances the organic cotton sector’s shared sustainability goals. As an accelerator, we want to get to this future, faster.

A catalyst for change

We’ve made a commitment to bring integrity, supply security and measurable social and environmental impact to organic cotton. How do we do this? Our Programmes deliver the key solutions required for the organic cotton sector to flourish. Our Platform facilitates the collaboration needed to create meaningful impact throughout the value chain. To succeed in our mission, we focus our efforts on three commitments which are the foundation of our interventions:

  • Convening the sector around a common agenda
  • Improving farmer profitability and prosperity
  • Enhancing the integrity of the organic cotton sector


Our Impact

Before OCA was established in 2016, the organic cotton sector was siloed and fragmented. Various players wanted to progress the sector, but there was no common vision for how to scale organic and make organic cotton farming pay. Since then, OCA has united the sector to unleash the Organic Cotton Effect – organic cotton’s potential for positive impact, from field to fashion, for people and the planet.

How we’re moving the market

We redesign how brands, retailers, and their supply chains source their organic cotton.

Our Farmer-First Commitment

We support farmers from seed to sale. Our direct-to-farm sourcing model provides organic cotton farmers with market access, demand security, better wages, access to non-GM seed, and hands-on training.

Supply Chains You Trust

Navigating the organic cotton marketplace can be tough. We offer support to develop farm projects in your own supply chains and operational transparency through validated and customised impact data.

Guaranteeing Lint Since 2016

Lint offtake commitments are made early in the season so brands and retailers can secure organic fibre from our verified farm groups. These commitments also encourage farmers to invest in organic produce and processes.

Numbers You Can Trust

Farm Programme partners receive third-party validated data that demonstrates the impact of supporting organic cotton farmers with training, access to organic inputs, a premium payment, and secure offtake.

Locals Know Best

Brands, retailers, and farmers receive tailored, local support from our regional teams for project implementation and measurement.

Measuring Results

Everything OCA does is focused on achieving the greatest possible impact in line with our mission, in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way possible. To ensure this, OCA makes monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and learning a key part of our work. In practice, M&E means constant analysis, reflection and iteration of our work – enabling successful tailoring of approaches to local problems and contexts and full transparency for our donors and partners.

Partner with us

To truly unleash organic cotton’s potential for positive impact, we need a united sector. Join us in our mission to deliver positive change to farmers, brands and customers who want to know their purchases are backing a fair and sustainable industry.