OCA is committed to creating a transparent, responsible and resilient organic cotton supply chain. But creating a systems change requires many sector players to take action. That’s why on this page we share our market intelligence, research papers and tools. Feel inspired? Let’s discuss how we can help each other.

Organic Cotton Training Curriculum

The Organic Cotton Training Curriculum is a publicly available web-based set of train the trainer courses on organic agronomic best practices. Developed over two years by OCA and FIBL, it is comprised of the best in training materials from across the sector, adapted to local Indian practice through consultation, translation, and pilot sessions, and with the support of GIZ.

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Farm Programme

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The Farm Programme is a direct-to-farmer sourcing model and capacity-building intervention that supports farmers to grow organic cotton. Unlike most models, it prioritises farmer prosperity by creating a secure market for farmers to sell their organic cottonseed, advocating for better prices for organic cotton and creating visibility at the source of organic fibre.

Seed Programme

Scaling up organic cotton farming globally cannot happen without improving the availability, access to and genetic diversity of non-GM cottonseed for organic cotton farmers. Our Seed Programme aims to boost the development and production of locally adapted organic cottonseed around the world.

Innovation Programme

The Innovation Programme invests in interventions that enable a healthy and resilient organic cotton sector. This includes enabling cottonseed research, piloting traceability innovations and shaping industry standards – in short tools to manage product integrity and leverage agronomic best practices so organic and regenerative agriculture can be successful at organic cotton farms.

OCA Platform

The OCA Platform unites the organisations that champion, grow, supply, and buy organic cotton and we facilitate collaboration between them to accelerate change and deliver real impact at farm level. Our global collective of brands, retailers, supply chain partners, civil society organisations, philanthropic foundations and academics are united in their efforts to safeguard the future of organic cotton.

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