Farm Programme
The Farm Programme is a direct-to-farm sourcing model and capacity-building intervention. It supports farmers to grow organic cotton and prioritises farmer prosperity by creating a secure market for farmers to sell their organic cotton.

What is the Farm Programme?

When we established the Farm Programme, the reward – and therefore, incentive – for cotton farmers to pursue organic techniques was limited, and important inputs like non-genetically modified seeds were difficult to procure. Our model challenges these hurdles and provides tangible solutions. We offer cotton farmers access to the tools, expertise, and support they need to grow organic cotton while galvanising commitments from buyers to secure fair prices and offtake to organic cotton farmers.

In turn, brands and retailers receive a secure supply of organic fibre from one of our verified farm groups, price clarity, and externally validated data about the impact of the premium they paid to the farmers. 

To grow the organic cotton sector and guarantee future supply we need more farmers to make the switch to organic. We facilitate that journey for them. By supporting our cotton farmers and empowering them to switch to and stick with organic farming methods, we strengthen and expand the sector and in turn, safeguard the planet and its resources.

By offering brands and retailers the chance to invest in the next generation of organic cotton, we are also accelerating the path to in-conversion and supporting this much-needed transition.

Validated impact across the sector

We are redesigning how brands, retailers, and the supply chain source their organic cotton while transforming the lives of the cotton farmers producing it.

Our Farmer-First Commitment

We support farmers from seed to sale. Our direct-to-farm sourcing model provides organic cotton farmers with market access, demand security, better wages, access to nonGM seed and hands-on training.

Supply Chains You Trust

Navigating the organic cotton marketplace can be tough. We offer support to develop farm projects in your own supply chains and operational transparency through validated and customised impact data.

Guaranteeing Lint Since 2016

Lint offtake commitments are made early in the season so brands and retailers can secure organic fibre from our verified farm groups. These commitments also encourage farmers to invest in organic produce and processes.

Numbers You Can Trust

Farm Programme partners receive third-party validated data that demonstrates the impact of supporting organic cotton farmers with training, access to organic inputs, a premium payment, and secure offtake.

Locals Know Best

Brands, retailers, and farmers receive tailored, local support from our regional teams for project implementation and measurement.

A ripple effect of positivity

The Farm Programme is a key tool for delivering the Organic Cotton Effect: the ripple effect of positivity that occurs every time a farmer switches to organic cotton: farmers earn more and their land and soils are fertile for future generations, protecting our planet.

Where we are active

The Farm Programme has live projects in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan in India and Balochistan in Pakistan.

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