Organic Cotton Training Curriculum-Pakistan

What is the Training Curriculum?

The Organic Cotton Training Curriculum is a publicly available web-based “training of trainers” course. It focuses on providing the best possible guidance on organic agronomic practices. The curriculum adapted to Pakistan was developed in 2023 by OCA in collaboration with the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI), and with the participation of Pakistan’s Ministry for Food Security, the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Laudes Foundation and WWF-Pakistan, this initiative marks a significant milestone for sustainable agriculture in the region.

This training package is the first of its kind to be developed for Pakistan, and it includes in-depth modules and activity guides to work alongside existing participatory training methods. The curriculum is currently available in both English and Urdu.

This curriculum is an adaptation of the material that was previously launched by the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) for India in 2022. It was developed in collaboration with the Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL) under the development cooperation project ‘Sustainability and Value Added in Agricultural Supply Chains / Cotton’ that the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH implements on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

How does the Training Curriculum work?

The modules and activity guides can be used by field staff during their visits to thousands of organic cotton farmers. OCA has a plan to develop a dedicated online learning management platform and mobile app that provides virtual access to the curriculum. The Organic Cotton Training Curriculum, available to the organic cotton sector and the public, covers a range of topics from seed to harvest, and serves as a great introduction to understanding the growing season cycle.


OCTC Pakistan training modules

    • Module 0

    Farmer Extension and Training Methodology

    This module provides an overview of training methods for farm extension, including planning activities for the cotton season.

    • Module 1

    Introduction to Organic Farming and Organic Cotton

    This module provides an overview of cotton farming in Pakistan, difference between traditional and organic farming principles and an introduction to organic agriculture and certification. 

    • Module 2

    Cotton Species, Cultivars and Seeds

    Delving into the different cotton species and varieties, this module explains the importance of finding suitable cultivars and quality seeds for organic cotton, as well as practices preventing GM contamination.  

    • Module 3

    Land Preparation, Planting and Field Management

    In this module, we delve into soil variations suitable for cultivating organic cotton, the essential steps of land preparation, sowing techniques, and optimal spacing for cotton plants. 

    • Module 4

    The Cotton Plant

    This module gives an understanding of the cotton plant and its development stages. Explore various components of the cotton plant, including the early season, mid-season, and late season. 

    • Module 5

    Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition

    This module highlights the importance of healthy soils. It also covers organic soil fertility management, soil conservation practices, nutrient requirements specific to cotton, and the use of compost.

    • Module 6

    Pest and Disease Management

    This module centers on the selection of pest-resistant cultivars to sustain a thriving crop and safeguard the soil against pest infestations. It offers crucial insights into utilising bio inputs.

    • Module 7

    Water Management

    This module introduces the water requirements of cotton, exploring topics such as soil moisture conservation, rainfed cotton, and irrigation practices.  

    • Module 8

    Crop Diversification

    This module educates on the advantages of crop diversification, covering options, suitable crops, and recommendations. It also provides insights into organic management for the selection of alternative crops. 

    • Module 9

    Harvest and Post-Harvest

    Within this module, we explore practices such as picking, addressing challenges like foreign fiber contamination. The focus is on best practices for both harvest and post-harvest handling by the farmer.

    • Module 10

    Crop-Calendar Summary

    This module provides a summary of the various training and activities that a farm project would engage in throughout different stages of the cotton season in Pakistan.

    • Module 11

    Farm Business Management

    Focused on enhancing business skills in organic farming, this module covers topics such as farm business planning and strategy, farm business performance assessment, financial management.

    • Module 12

    Grower Group Certification

    It explains the fundamental principles of group certification, highlighting the function of the Internal Control System (ICS). It delves into the organic certification process for smallholder farmers in grower groups.

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