Our Governance Model
As a multi-stakeholder organisation, OCA has a responsibility to ensure that our Board of Trustees, committees and Contributors now and in the future, feature a diversity of stakeholders to give voice to every actor in the organic cotton sector. This meaningful representation is seen in our Governance Model; which is explained in more detail here.

planting organic cotton seed

Foundation OCA

The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) is a foundation incorporated in the Netherlands in 2016, with its registered offices in Amsterdam. Foundation OCA (Stichting OCA) does not aim to make any profit.

Board of Trustees

OCA is governed by a Board of Trustees who set and steward the long-term strategic vision and direction, priorities and policies of OCA and provide ultimate financial oversight. Our Board is designed to serve as a group of diverse, thoughtful professionals, who together will help to shape the future of the organic cotton sector.

As a multi-stakeholder initiative, OCA is governed by a decision-making body which represents all stakeholders’ views; as such the OCA Board seats are specifically designated to ensure stakeholder representation from across the supply chain, including Brands and Retail, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Farm Groups and Implementation Partners, Civil Society Organisations, Philanthropy and Independent seats.


The Governance and Nominations Committee (GNC) is a permanent sub-committee of the OCA Board of Trustees which is responsible for developing and overseeing OCA’s governance policies and procedures. The GNC ensures that there is a robust and effective process for supporting the appointment to, and evaluating the performance of, OCA’s governance bodies. It also ensures that the Board of Trustees fulfils its legal, ethical and functional responsibilities. The GNC consists of at least three members, and at most, five members. The GNC Chair must be a member of the OCA Board of Trustees, as must at least one other member of the GNC. One member of the GNC must also be a representative of an OCA Contributor organisation which does not serve on the Board of Trustees.

OCA Contributors

OCA Contributors form the heart of our organisation. They are committed to OCA’s mission and share our belief in the Organic Cotton Effect, the powerful and positive impact that organic cotton can have on people, planet and prosperity. With their commitment, actions and investments, OCA Contributors are the driving force behind the change we want to see in this world. Contributors have access to and can participate in OCA’s Programmes, Contributor meetings and resources, and take part in governance bodies such as Task Forces and the Board of Trustees, provided certain eligibility requirements.


Founding Partners