OCA has recently hosted a 2-day workshop in New Delhi, India, to onboard new Implementing Partners as we start the 2023-24 cotton season. The event, convening 32 participants from 17 organisations in India, boosted collaboration and knowledge-sharing on the ground, an essential pillar of our growing operations in India.

Implementing Partners, a vital link across the sector

At OCA, Implementing Partners are organisations which provide on-ground support, local knowledge, and capacity-building for the cotton growers. They connect brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and farmer groups. They also facilitate access to non-genetically modified seed, collect valuable data for monitoring and evaluation systems, and enhance OCA’s impact on the ground.

Implementing Partners collaborate closely with OCA within the Farm Programme. By combining their expertise and resources, we aim to strengthen the farmers’ livelihoods, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and foster a more interconnected and resilient organic cotton ecosystem. farmers’ livelihoods, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and foster a more interconnected and resilient organic cotton ecosystem.

Kicking off the New Cotton Season

The workshop enabled a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment to start the 2023-2024 season. The participants engaged in insightful discussions, exploring innovative approaches, and addressing practical challenges in the organic cotton value chain. The collective commitment and passion exhibited during the workshop left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

We hear from the workshop participants

“In the context of climate change, organic cotton is a sustainable solution for saving our planet. I believe through commitment, passion, and strong partnerships, we can embark on this transformative journey together.”

Hetal Shah, Director- Operations & Innovation in Sustainability, Amiha Agro

“Collaboration is at the heart of OCA’s mission. OCA provides a platform that brings together farmers, brands, and stakeholders to address practical challenges. Through conversations and deliberations, I believe that OCA will pave the way for a compatible and cutting-edge program in the organic cotton sector.”

Manish Daga, Managing Director, Cotton Guru

“The workshop served as a testament to OCA’s evolution as an organization. From working solely with big brands to embracing young brands and new players, OCA has demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity and bringing diverse stakeholders together. By building a strong team and encouraging cross-collaboration, OCA has become a unifying force in the organic cotton sector.”

Arun Ambatipudi, Director, Forum For Integrated Development (FFID)

An expanding network

OCA is working towards a future where each farmer switching to organic cotton creates a ripple effect of positivity: farmers earn more, and their land and soils are fertile for future generations.

We invite other organisations to join our expanding agricultural network and help us make a difference in the rural communities across India, Pakistan, and soon Türkiye and beyond. By becoming an Implementing Partner, you have a seat at the table and engage with other key sector players. You are in contact with our private sector partners in the supply chain, opening new opportunities for growth and impact.

Join OCA and become part of this systemic change!