Farm Programme Impact Report 2022-2023

OCA's 2022-2023 Farm Programme Impact Report

OCA’s 2022-2023 Farm Programme Impact Report highlights significant strides in advancing organic cotton farming practices and driving systemic change in the textile industry. It also underscores the critical importance of supporting in-conversion cotton farmers to increase the global supply of organic cotton, while calling for more investments and industry-wide adoption of organic cotton.

Through its Farm Programme, OCA has mobilised a growing number of brands and retailers, empowered organic farmers to maximise their benefits and supported thousands of farmers in their transition to organic. This accelerates the availability of organic cotton for the entire supply chain and improves farmer livelihoods, whilst increasing the positive impact of organic cotton on people and the planet.

OCA’s Impact in 2022-2023

From empowering over 70,000 farmers across India and Pakistan to growing the global organic cotton supply, our Farm Programme is helping create the positive conditions that contribute to the growth of the organic cotton sector.

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