The unusually heavy monsoon spell in Pakistan has unleashed a national emergency affecting 33 million Pakistani citizens. The nationwide impact involves loss of lives, loss of homes and livelihoods as well as crop damage to an estimated 1.0 million hectares.

Baluchistan province, where OCA’s partners support 13,000 organic and in-conversion cotton farmers, is severely affected. Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports that challenges such as loss of income and livelihood sources, crop damage, lack of sanitation, hygiene facilities and unavailability of food and shelter will have severe lasting impact on local communities.

OCA’s local Pakistan team has been in close contact with the partners on the ground in Baluchistan, receiving updates which reflect the national concerns. Action has been taken to support our local partners as they are best positioned to provide the farmers and communities in Baluchistan with the required aid in these challenging times.

How can you help?
Amidst the numerous registered charities that deserve our support, OCA chose to donate to WWF Pakistan to provide targeted support to the rural cotton area of Baluchistan. Farmers there will need all the help they can get, so we encourage our community to donate toward this cause as well:

Worldwide Fund for Nature, Pakistan (WWF Pakistan): 

WWF Pakistan is a non-profit organisation, working to preserve, conserve and save our environment and natural resources. The organisation has strong presence across the country, with dedicated staff in Baluchistan, the most affected area during the recent floods (including crop damages of 25%). WWF has close networks with farming communities in all provinces and is experienced in providing farmer support. Flood relief funds will be guided toward general relief activities such as the provision of food, shelter, and medicine kits, as well as funds for crop insurance against crop damages, livelihood projects like kitchen gardening and goat farming, and crop compensation through the provision of seed, bio-fertilizer, and bio-pesticides.

WWF Pakistan has dedicated two accounts for donations (one in USD and the other in PKR), as shown below:

For USD/Foreign donations: 

Title of Account:  World wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan
Account Number:  05-7952694-05
IBAN:  PK92SCBL0000105795269405
Currency:  USD
Swift Code:  SCBLPKKX
Bank Name:  Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
Bank Address:  47- Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore, Pakistan
Branch Code:  0074

For PKR/Domestic donations:

Title of Account:  WWF-Pakistan
Account Number:  010080201006579-7
IBAN:  PK66MUCB0100802010065797
Currency:  PKR
Bank Name:  Muslim Commercial Bank Limited
Bank Address:  Gulab Devi Hospital Branch, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Branch Code:  1008

Natural disasters of this magnitude have devastating implications for millions of rural people in Pakistan destroying their homes and livelihoods. We are hopeful that the OCA community can generate some degree of relief in these difficult times.