Today we proudly launch our Annual Report 2021 which highlights our achievements over the last year. We report on the continued steady growth across our organisation with measurable farm-level impact during a year disrupted by the pandemic.

The collective achievements over the past year detailed in the report are in line with the five pillars of our 2030 Strategy Plan:

Growing farmer resilience and livelihoods; We achieved another year of positive income benefits to organic farmers in OCA’s Farm Programme during the 2020/21 cotton season, while growing the number of participating farmers by 83% compared to the number reported last year.

Enhancing seed availability and diversity; We launched the non-GM cottonseed production guidelines and seed assurance programme with a group of Indian seed producers.

Scaling organic cotton farming sustainably; Our in-conversion programme, starting in 2021 and continuing through the 2021-22 farm season, enabled 21,000 farmers to transition from conventional to organic farming. This focused support is ensuring they have a guaranteed market, better price, and the right conditions in place to make the transition successfully.

Developing robust social and environmental farm-level data; We commenced trials of Soil Organic Carbon testing methods as well as studying the impact of Regenerative Organic Cotton to support its wider adoption.

Operating a collaborative sector approach; We achieved growth of 80% in new contributors joining our community compared to last year, increased sector representation at Board level, and delivered a successful online Organic Cotton Summit.

‘Looking back at the amazing growth we saw over the past year, we see a rise in the numbers of farmers we reached, an array of new Contributors joining our mission, and important funding secured to support more and more producers to successfully shift to organic farming and maximising their regenerative practices. I truly believe OCA is in the best possible shape to spearhead the transformation of a transparent, responsible, and resilient organic cotton supply chain, one that creates tangible and lasting benefits for farmers, their lands and soils, and our future generations.’ Bart Vollaard, Executive Director, OCA

Read and download the full Annual Report here