OCA is delighted to announce the appointment of Virginie Cayzeele, Raw Materials Leader at Kiabi, next to the re-appointment of Punit Lalbhai, Vice Chair and Executive Director at Arvind, to the Board of Trustees.

Virginie Cayzeele joins the OCA Board on behalf of Brands and Retailers. She brings nine years of experience as a Raw Materials Leader, where she has successfully influenced Kiabi’s approach to sourcing through successful partnerships with organisations like OCA, Reforest Action, and Oritain, among others. With a background as a buyer for 16 years, she possesses sound knowledge of tier one and two relations, sourcing mechanisms, and suppliers’ perspectives.

″The textile industry needs a profound transformation, with a compelling requirement to reduce its impact on land usage, CO2 emissions and water. It also bears a responsibility for the livelihoods of farmers. OCA represents a pathway to support the textile industry to reach that goal. I am dedicated to supporting OCA in shaping its strategy and enhancing the organisation's influence in the cotton sector. Furthermore, I am eager to contribute to helping the organisation align with the environmental impact requirements of the brands.″

Virginie Cayzeele, Raw Materials Leader, Kiabi

Punit Lalbhai, representing the Suppliers & Manufacturers category, brings a diverse set of skills, experiences, and commitment to OCA’s mission. His background in leading the textile manufacturing and sustainable farming initiatives at Arvind equips him with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue contributing meaningfully to OCA. He has international board experience, having served as a board member for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and as board chair of the Apparel Impact Institute.

″As part of OCA’s Board of Trustees, I remain firmly grounded in my dedication to sustainability, sustainable agriculture, and my belief that collective action can drive positive change. I am committed to collaborating with fellow Board members and the organisation's leadership to advance its mission and foster enduring, positive transformations in the Organic Cotton community.″

Punit Lalbhai, Vice Chair and Executive Director, Arvind

The OCA Board of Trustees includes representatives from Brand and Retailers, Suppliers and Manufacturers, but also Civil Society Organisations, Farm Groups and Implementing Partners, Philanthropy and Board-appointed independent members. This diverse composition ensures a well-rounded representation of various stakeholders and perspectives within the organisation’s governance.

″I want to congratulate Virginie and Punit for their (re)election to OCA’s Board of Trustees. I look forward to working with them and leveraging their considerable experience and insights, as we move towards our mission of accelerating growth in the organic cotton sector. I also thank all our Contributors for casting their vote in the elections process.″

Bart Vollaard, Executive Director, OCA

The newly elected Board members will serve a three-year term, starting on January 1, 2024. As a multi-stakeholder organisation, OCA strives to represent all stakeholder views in its decision-making process. Board seats are designated to ensure equitable stakeholder representation across the supply chain. We enabled democratic elections as part of our commitment to principles of good governance. Democratic elections occur when the stakeholder group of a specific seat exceeds 10 Contributors. The remainder of the Board of Trustees seats are appointed.  The Board of Trustees plays a crucial role in setting OCA’s long-term strategic vision, direction, priorities and policies. For more detailed information on the current composition of OCA`s Board and governance model visit our dedicated page here.