OCA extends a warm welcome to the six new Contributors that joined us earlier this year. We have Shahi Exports, Amiha Agro, Pratima Agro, Remei India, and Suminter India Organics join us in the Supplier & Manufacturer category; and the Change Makers Charitable Foundation in the category of Civil Society & Farmer Organisation.

They join OCA to support us in our mission to unleash the organic cotton effect – organic cotton’s potential for positive impact, from field to fashion, for people and the planet.

We spoke to our new Contributors to find out about the importance of organic cotton and its impact, their priorities in raw material sourcing, driving sustainability goals, and ultimately why they decided to join OCA.

Amiha Agro

As OCA accelerates the whole farm program from the ground level to the brand level by creating a transparent flow of information, we hope to achieve a sustainable approach together, to serve the value chain partners in a more responsible way.

Pratima Agro

Interacting first-hand with the brands was the main motivation to join OCA. We can build real communication between both ends of textile supply chain.

Remei India

Remei India (earlier known as bioRe India) has been pioneering an organic cotton initiative – the world’s first and longest organic cotton initiative and has been engaged with the organic cotton community on various qualitative aspects supporting organic cotton growers. We see OCA’s work as one of the significant developments in the organic cotton sector in the last decade. We will work together to drive improvements in the organic cotton sector by sharing our learnings.

Shahi Exports

Joining the Organic Cotton Accelerator is a step toward furthering our vertical integration at Shahi. We look forward to collaborating with them to support the organic cotton mission in India by creating a supply chain that puts farmer welfare at the centre and provides traceability and an increased organic cotton supply to the global market.

Suminter India Organics

Joining OCA gives us an opportunity to learn from their experience and to aspire to greater shared goals. With this collaboration we intend to work together to deliver what’s required of us in these extraordinary times. We are collaborating across the revitalized cotton supply system and beyond for stronger collective results and applying integrated approaches to transformative change.

The Change Makers Charitable Foundation

Every lint has its own story, just like its grower. We believe that OCA can carry the story to the world while ensuring rightful compensation and support for the organic cotton community.

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